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Customer Generation for Medspas and Skin Clinics

How to Generate customers for skin clinics and medspas

How do I bring new customers into my medspa/skin clinic? This is a question we are asked on a daily basis. The answer is quite simple; create a system that delivers consistent enquiries to your business. Simple right? Yes, but it’s the creation of this system that is more complex.

When it comes to customer generation for medspas and skin clinics there are three main digital platforms that we use for our clients. 

  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  • Google Advertsing
  • SEO

Before we start working with any medspa or skin clinic, however, we perform a full strategy session to assess where your business is at, where you are currently heading and where you would like to go. This includes looking at what marketing you are currently doing and what you have done in the past. This way we can not only see what has worked for you and what hasn’t, but why any particular outcome occurs.

For those who have not had success in the past with customer generation, there may be deeper rooted issues within your business. These are often incredibly fixable, but they require some work and an open mind to make the progress that is required.


Our Customer Generating Method

We use our proven system that has generated $1m+ in revenue for our clients over the last 5 years and we tailor it to your tone of voice, your ideal customer and your long term goals.

Our method is built around four core pillars; Awareness, Nurturing, Sales and Booking.


How to generate medspa customers
New Customers for Medspas


We leverage different platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram to put your business in front of your ideal audience. We use theses platforms build awareness and spike interest from those who would be most likely to buy from you.

Social Media for medspas and clinics


When it comes to service based businesses, people buy from people. But most importantly,  they buy from people that they trust. Our system enables you to build trust with people before they even decide to speak to you.

Sales and Booking

Do you have an  outdated or non existent sales process? We have a system that has been developed not only from directly from our own years of experience, but also from direct feedback from our most successful medspas.

Facebook and Instagram 

Your social media platforms are the mouthpiece for your business. If you are not correctly utilising Facebook and Instagram, you can bet that your competitors are. 

These platforms not only enable you to showcase your medspa and your brand voice, but also enable you to build an incredible client base that will come back to you time and time again. 

These platforms enable you to position yourself as the go-to medspa in your local area. You can get creative with video content or promote your blog online to showcase your authority as an expert in any field you like. Or, simply put an offer out to hook new customers in and give you business a revenue injection.

A well structured and organised Social media campaign can take you from having inconsistent customer enquiries to knowing exactly how many people are going to walk in through your door month in, month out.


Customer Generation for Skin Clinics and Medspas